Mergers & Acquisitions
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Thinking of making an acquisition?

We have based our Integration Sprint Program on our experience at Woodstream Corporation where we acquired and successfully integrated 16 companies in 15 years. With our help you’ll build and implement a clear plan for integration to maximize the savings and synergies from your acquisition.

Don't leave money on the table.

As COO of Woodstream Corp. Steve led the integration of 16 acquisitions.  He maximized savings by developing agressive plans and leading a team of experts through timely implementation: operating companies on our ERP system the day after closing -  Every delay in integration is money out of your pocket.  Call us today!

Top 5 reasons to call us before closing your next deal:

#1: Experience

Nothing can replace experience: with it come the ability to identify opportunities and anticipate problems.

#2: Proven Process

We can teach you the right process to guarantee success

#3: Focus on Middle Market companies

We focus on our core competency to ensure high performance.

 #4: Flexibility

We know that every deal is unique and we can customize our program to fit your needs

 #5: Network of experts

We can supplement your team with the required technical expertise from our trusted network of experts.


Request our model overview and its 8 Success Drivers

Want to learn more about our proprietary process?  Contact us, we'd love to walk you through our model and explore possible collaboration.